Strain Specific Terpenes and Flavors

Difference Between Strain Specific Terpenes & Terpene Enhanced Flavors

Before we get into the difference between strain-specific Terpenes & Terpene Enhanced Flavors, we need to know what Terpenes are. Terpenes are organic compounds responsible for enhancing the scent in plants. Various strain-specific terpenes for sale are created to copy the real strain’s natural ratio of the Terpene. 

Terpenes are developed through the process of distillation and evaporation. When the raw plant materials are steamed in a distiller, the liquid goes through a purifying process, and the residual is a pure terpene. Then, when the residual is mixed with various cannabis products, it enhances the scent and enhances the retainer’s effect. 

Terpene Enhanced Flavours

Nature terpene, although it enhances flavors, nature terpene doesn’t add any artificial sweeteners like other e-juices for vaping. There are various types of terpene weeds for sale with varieties of flavors to try, but you will never taste like a cheesecake or a chocolate truffle. 

Terpene enhanced flavors aren’t just a stepping stone in the areas of taste but also have many health benefits. There are two types of flavor-enhanced terpenes fruit flavors: berries or mangoes or grapes and non-fruit flavors such as pastries and cereals. 

You can always choose artificial flavors if you cannot compromise on the sweet part, but other than natural terpene would do you just fine. However, the scent may sometimes be not enough, so if you want to try the fun of both worlds of E-juice and the medical benefits of the terpene, then terpene enhanced flavors are most handy. 

Strain-specific Terpenes

It is a very general question that comes to our mind if the strain-specific terpenes are based on the strains they are rejuvenated from. The answer is most certainly yes. However, the flavor may be complicated to acquire depending on various external strands. 

Although the taste may not be precisely what you might expect them to be, it doesn’t mean they are not from the same strain-specific terpene. When terpene weeds are for sale, if the terpene profile isn’t found authentic, it doesn’t get sold, but you will still feel a little high after taking it because of its effect on the brain due to its psychoactive nature. 

Different types of Terpenes and their effect

Here are the different types of terpenes and their effect:

  1. Limonene- As the name suggests, this is flavored with a little citrusy touch. It is believed to have anti-cancer properties and anti-anxiety properties as well.
  1. Myrcene – It tastes like our favorite fruit, mango, and is believed to have antibacterial properties. 
  1. Beta-caryophyllene- Is found mainly in rosemary, cloves, and hops and acts wonders to cure symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  1. Linalool- This is for lavender lovers, and we all know lavenders are used to relieve stress. 


It is almost unnoticeable that every plant smells unique, and Terpenes are the secret behind it. Organic Terpenes have numerous medicinal benefits and are also used by many adults for various other purposes. However, when using terpenes, you need to ensure that you’re using it under a prescriber limit.