Golf Getaways

Top 5 Golf Getaways for Couples

When we talk about golf getaways in Michigan, we think about an indoor pool, a seasonal pool, and a spa tub. A sauna and a fitness center. Very Few golf resorts can match the extraordinary natural setting of their two championship golf courses or the wildlife-rich habitat filled with bunny roadrunners and quail. Playing golf in upper Michigan has been made easy by different resorts. 

Here are the top 5 golf getaways for Couples

Mauna Lani

The course is a beautiful coat that comes with a hefty price of 250 to 350 dollars, depending on the time of the year and the day of the play. But at that price, you get a pointed weather facility, beautiful views, and firm fairway greens that behave predictably and are easy to read. The putting and fitting surfaces are well-appointed and plenty in number. 

The Boulders Resort

A peaceful paradise with Blooming flowers. The exceptional casita is a personal oasis for relaxation with luxurious baths and private patios. The healing hands at the therapeutic spa with tranquil meditative areas help to restore minds, body, and soul, then exercise at the fitness center. 

Enjoy a healthy meal, serving dishes inspired by ingredients from their organic garden. Then, enjoy court time at the tennis Gardens, mountain biking, or hiking.

Streamsong Resort

It’s a golfer’s oasis and an extraordinary resort created by a mosaic company from the once mined land for its rich phosphate ore. Today with its striking peaks and valleys and its rolling hills, lakes, and streams, Streamsong celebrates its stunning and rugged landscape. It shows how unaccepted and imaginative land reefs can be—surrounded only by nature. 

The attention to detail that was put into all the textures is fabulous. Streamsong is relaxing and peaceful. It’s an outstanding resort that brings the outside in every aspect. It’s destination-oriented. Streamsong is only the 3rd location globally with core Crenshaw and Tom doke-designed courses.

Spruce Peak at Stowe-Stowe, Vt. 

It’s a family resort just near the mountain. There are marvelous mountains near it. Biking trails are near it. The resort provides a complimentary breakfast, along with pools in the summer season. 

Fishing is allowed in the resort river. What makes it more fabulous are its spacious accommodations and amenities. Eight people can be accommodated in 2 bedroom suits. Tyrolean architecture, spacious grounds, and experienced staff makes it more fabulous.

Omni Barton Creek Resort

The highest safety standards are well maintained by the team. CDC requirements for cleanliness are maintained to provide a safe experience to the people. Plush robes, sandals, and a retreat room are well served with all love. They try for all their guests to leave their spa feeling relaxed, overwhelmed, and satisfied. Omni Barton Creek Resort is in Cabin Ridge Estates. 

The resort has some great views near it, like Lake Austin and Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve. Barton spring pools and Austin Nature and Science center make it perfect for traveling with kids. Several outdoor games like hiking/biking trails and mountain biking are also available. The guests will also appreciate the quiet ambiance of the Resort and the quick turndown services provided at the resort!


Suppose you are looking to escape your mundane life with your partner and play some amazing golf in that escape. The above are the best golf getaways for couples.